“Read the Year End” Message from the President

TO: Members of the FPA
FROM: David P. Michaels
SUBJECT: Year End “Message from the President.”

Ladies & Gentlemen:


First, I wish to thank a great team for all their initiatives and efforts that resulted in achieving a particular statistic that says it all:

For the second year running, during the fiscal year ending 31st October, the FPA received more applications for membership than we have in any previous year for which we have records.

Importantly, as a considerable number of older members have retired from the media industry, (and the FPA), during the last 2-3 years, we are attracting a new generation of younger members. The FPA continues to grow and adapt to the realities of a rapidly changing media industry.

Relationships with other media organizations continue to expand.

The FPA developed a strategic relationship with the Foreign Policy Association, (the “other” FPA, also founded in 1918), with the co-sponsoring of two events: “Meet the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary,” and, “The Graying of China: The Global Impact on Society and Healthcare.”

As journalists, we are the beginning of the news distribution chain. It is important that we also establish strategic relationships with “news makers” such as the Foreign Policy Association, PR/communication firms, and other media-related entities, as the Foreign Press Association is on the other side of the same coin. These type of relationships will enhance our recognition; create more opportunities for exclusive events, and expand our operations.

The FPA was invited to speak to a group of journalists and public relations professionals from Shanghai.

FPA representatives also met with a group of journalism students from Portugal.

(If you are interested in participating in these type of exchanges, please let us know).


I look forward to working with members of the Executive and other committee/team members during 2017 as we plan for our 100th Anniversary in 2018 along with the re-launch of The Foreign Press Awards.

2018 will also mark another milestone: The 25th Anniversary of the FPA Scholarship Fund!

In order to prepare for the challenges ahead, some important decisions have been made.  These decisions have not been made without careful consideration of the financial, structural, logistical, and human resources that will be essential to not only prepare for the aforementioned Anniversaries, but of equal, if not greater importance, the adequate resources to assure the FPA’s continuance and growth in its next 100 years.

With this in mind, a new senior role has been created to administer the current and future requirements of the FPA’s role in the media industry, along with its new initiatives.

The person who has been appointed to assume a Executive Director pro tempore role over the FPA and FPA Scholarship Fund during this next stage of the development of the FPA is Xenia Hunusiak. Xenia is a former member of the FPA Executive Committee, and well known to much of our membership.

We are pleased that Camilla Hellman is committed to helping transition the situation. There is never a perfect time for such actions and she will be on hand to assist during the application phase of the 2017 Scholarships. Camilla has accepted her nomination to the FPA Executive Committee, and has offered her active support in continuing to champion the scholarship fund and its mission. Thank you Camilla for all your efforts.


Please consider the FPA Scholarship Fund in your year-end giving, and support future generations of journalists.

We have made it easy for you to make a Tax Deductible contribution. Just go online to our web site at http://www.foreignpressassociation.org/donations-to-the-fpa-scholarship-fund and hit the “DONATE” button!

Consider purchasing the first ever, FPA Scholarship Fund Calendar, International Cities / International People with photographs submitted by journalists from around the world. VIEW more information on FPA web site.


Members are reminded that Annual Dues are payable on or before the 1st January each year.

The management team of the FPA is continually seeking ways to control costs; seek non-traditional revenue, and provide additional benefits for its membership.

You can pay online or mail a check, but don’t forget, late payers cause additional work and expense.


This year’s Holiday Season Reception on 11th January, 2017, will be a “Celebration of the New Year.”

Taking into account the pressure on everyone’s time with competing events during December, we believe that this will ensure a more relaxed and enjoyable evening. (Details have been communicated to members. REMEMBER, if you have not paid your Annual Dues, you are not entitled to attend!)


Unopposed nominations were received for the election of FPA Officers and Executive Committee Members.

As it can be assumed that all Nominees would receive at least one vote, it was deemed redundant  and not cost-effective to mail out ballot forms to only confirm what was evident.

According to the FPA Constitution & ByLaws,  any vacant positions on the Executive Committee can be filled by Presidential nomination and the confirmation of the Executive Committee. I intend to submit nominations for those vacancies early in 2017.

The persons who have accepted their nomination; were seconded with documentation submitted according to the FPA Constitution & ByLaws, will be published on the FPA web site prior to the FPA Holiday Season Reception.


The FPA Scholarship Alumni is being administered by Roberto Capocelli, a 2016 Scholarship Awardee.

Research for the proposed publication, “The Foreign Press Association: Our First 100 Years,” is being undertaken by the granddaughter of one of our Founders, Ms. Ali Kagamaster-Bullock.

Did you note some of the changes to our web site? Changes included a section: “Members in the News” to highlight their current activities. (Do let us know what you are doing in the wide world of media).

Please check the Events Calendar regularly because new events are added regularly.

Social Media presence is expanding. Please “Like” the FPA on Facebook, and “Follow” the FPA on Twitter.

Do open up emails sent by FPA since they usually contain useful and beneficial information. Remember to check your spam/trash files to make sure the emails are not automatically going into them.

It is important for members to keep the FPA updated on changes in their work status and contact information. Early in 2017, we will provide members with a link to a revised Member Information Form.

Good health and happiness during 2017.



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FPA Scholarship Fund 2017 Calendar

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