FPA Officers and Executive Committee Nominations for 2015

TO: FPA Active Members
FROM: Hadar Harel, FPA General Secretary
DATE: 1st November, 2014
SUBJECT: FPA Nominations for 2015

Pursuant to Article VII of the Constitution & Bylaws of the Foreign Press Association, nominations are now open for candidates for President, one Vice President, a General Secretary, an Assistant General Secretary, a Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer, and seven Committee Members.

All candidates for the Executive Committee must be Active Members in good standing according to Article III.9, and be nominated by at least two Active Members.

Please print the Nomination Form; enter your nominations and personal information; sign where indicated, and mail to:

The Election Committee
Foreign Press Association
333 East 46th Street, Suite 1-K
New York, NY 10017

Nominations must be received no later than the 22nd November, 2014.

Ballot Papers containing the names of all candidates eligible and standing for the Executive Committee, will be sent out no later than the 1st December, 2014.

You will be provided with a brief bio of each candidate, including the candidate’s length of membership and offices held in the FPA in the past.

You will also have the opportunity of meeting those nominated before voting closes at our Holiday Reception on the 9th December. You will be advised shortly on the details of this event.

Nomination Form Download

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Message from the President “FPA Updated” (September, 2014)

TO: Members of the Foreign Press Association
FROM: David P. Michaels
DATE: September, 2014
SUBJECT: Message from the President – “FPA Updated”

Over the past few months, countless hours have been invested by the FPA’s Executive and other committees, with the objective of putting the FPA on a path to greater success.

We are making strong progress, and we all owe a big “thank-you” to members of the Executive Committee, volunteers from our general membership, and two hard-working and enthusiastic interns, all who have contributed their valuable time and expertise. (BTW, if you are willing to volunteer a few hours a month to our teams, please let me know).

In keeping with the FPA’s objective of being the leading association for international journalists and those directly involved or interested in media-related activities, we have focused on:

  • Enhancing FPA communications.
  • Building out our events program.
  • Identifying and adding talented people to the Executive Committee, events team, and developing the annual dinner and awards fundraising team.
  • Growing our membership.
  • Generating more income.
  • Introducing new member benefits.

I have the pleasure to announce that Laura Bianchi and Ian Williams, two well-respected, full-time journalists and media professionals, have joined us on the Executive Committee, filling two of the vacancies created by the departures of Kinue Weinstein, Anjali Sharma, and Claus Mueller.

Many of you know Ian Williams, who has served two terms as President of the United Nations Correspondents Association, (“UNCA”). He is also the Chairman of the UNCA Awards Committee, which he founded in 1995, and which now grants prizes of over $60,000 a year to journalists worldwide for their work on the UN and its agencies.

Laura Bianchi is a journalist and communications professional with an extensive list of media achievements and production/editing credits.

The Events Committee, led by Michael-Ann Rowe and Simon Locke, has also added Laura Bianchi, Cindy Fields, and Julie-Ann Marshall to the events team.

Julie-Ann, an Associate Member for fourteen years, is a former Executive Director of BAFTA, (British Academy of Film & Television Arts), and Senior Event Producer for Morgan Stanley. She now runs her own events company which does work for organizations including the United Nations, HBO, the British Consulate, and the International Emmys.

Cindy has been an Associate Member of the FPA for five years. She has more than 30 years of experience in the financial markets; outstanding relationships in the financial sector; and is an active participant in numerous prestigious industry and community organizations.

I am pleased to inform you that the challenge to fill the roles of administrator of the Association and of the Scholarship Fund is being addressed. Normally, the skill-sets to work in these related, but distinctly different, FPA entities are usually found within particular personality profiles. Therefore, it has been determined that it will be more efficient and effective if the positions were undertaken by two well-qualified persons rather than one with either strong fund-raising skills, or strong office administrative skills. The executive search for these positions was further complicated by virtue of their part-time nature.

We have identified a possible candidate to manage the FPA from early in 2015. However, notwithstanding the assistance of volunteers and interns, it is essential that the day-to-day administrative needs of the organization be properly managed without further delay, particularly as we not only enter upon a busy time of the year, but also the launch of some new initiatives. Therefore, I am happy to inform you that Mr. Anthony J. Morenzi will be assuming the role with effect from 1st October until such time a permanent appointment is made.

During his more than thirty-years in state government, “Tony” Morenzi has worked for two New York State Assembly members as Chief of Staff and District Office Manager, and served as the Special Assistant to the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for New York City. He has an established track record of creative problem solving, strategic advocacy and broad based policy analysis. Tony has extensive citywide intergovernmental and community relations experience with legislators and their staff, governmental agencies, the private and non-profit sectors, and community-based and civic organizations. He was educated at Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY); Fordham University; and Columbia University. His extra-curricular activities include the Board of Directors & Chair of the Carroll Kowal Journalism Award Committee; and Treasurer, Board of Directors, New Media Repertory Company.

I am also pleased to announce that we have also reached the final stages of negotiation with a most experienced fund-raiser and event planner to manage the FPA Scholarship Fund.

Camilla Hellman, MBE, has agreed to manage the FPA Scholarship Fund, with effect from 1st October. Many of you will know Camilla in her position as Executive Director of the American Scottish Foundation, and her association with the National New York Tartan Day Parade Committee; the British Memorial Garden Trust; and The Luxury Channel TV. Camilla is probably best known for her leadership, from concept to reality, of the international goodwill project to establish the British Garden at Hanover Square, New York. Launching a $7.5 million fundraising campaign, which included overseeing grant and sponsorship applications; cultivating major donors; orchestrating program of fundraising and community-based events, the initiative culminated in the reopening of the park in 2007 and the official New York City naming of the Park in May 2009 by HRH Prince Henry (“Harry”) of Wales. Camilla organized major fundraising gala dinners, signature concerts, and public ceremonies in the Park. Events surrounding the project included four visits by the British Royal Family – as well as working with leading members of the British and American governments. She acted as the spokesperson for the garden, which included undertaking interviews with major TV networks and the international print media. In recognition of her outstanding efforts, she was honored by HM Queen Elizabeth II for services to British-American relations.

These additions to the FPA-USA Team will allow us to build on the work that we have been doing since the beginning of the year to enhance our website. (Please note our new web address: www.ForeignPressAssociation.org); social media presence, (FaceBook and Twitter); increase the flow of events, (view Events Calendar); and add new member benefits.

I can report that we have made progress on all these fronts. The FPA website is today much more vibrant than at the beginning of the year, with new content and a consistent presentation of our brand, the “Foreign Press Association.” (For those members who may not be fully aware of our origins, our organization was provisionally called, “The Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in the United States”). Notwithstanding the recent changes to the FPA web site, we are working on a redesign to incorporate a newer and fresher look, combined with more efficient and user-friendly technologies.

Our Events Calendar is a platform for FPA and third-party events. I encourage you to take the time to see what’s planned, on a regular basis. (We sometimes receive invitations to entertainment, art and cultural events at very short notice, so if you don’t look, you may miss them). You will also find news and events oriented toward FPA member interests, including a “BREAKING NEWS” section, (viewable on most web pages), that updates every few minutes! (You must refresh the page to update).

On the subject of events, a few weeks ago we asked members to complete an online questionnaire in order that we have a more precise profile on our members, including their professional expertise and interests. This information is of great assistance when organizing specialist industry presentations and events, particularly when a host has limited space and/or press seating. If you did not complete the form, please do so now. If you require assistance with this online form, please let us know by clicking here, and someone will telephone you to assist you.

On the social media front we now actively tweet news and events of interest to members along with having more engaging Facebook content. I encourage you to like the Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Taking the time to do both, will help us raise our social media profile. We encourage and welcome feedback and perspective as well as links to stories you’d like us to publish.

I am pleased that the FPA is continuing to offer benefits that make the modest investment in membership one of the best values in town. For example, the NYU Dental Clinic provides extraordinary value for our members. Our strategic alliance with PR Newswire offers significant discounts on their services, and access to news for journalists. (Click here to view the press release and see some of the benefits offered). There is a special ”Benefits” page on our web site that has links to great discounts on DELL computers and major brands of photographic and electronic equipment!

We believe that the focus on these initiatives is paying off. The FPA is consistently increasing its membership of active journalists and media/communications-related professionals, while adding value to what we offer for existing members. We also remain focused on generating additional, non-traditional revenue streams from sources including public relations/communications corporate associate membership.

We are looking to add members from new channels including developing “strategic alliances” with other press associations around the world; launching the FPA Scholarship Awards Alumni, and the promotion of student membership, thereby creating both networking and membership marketing opportunities.

FPA Scholarship Award Alumni are being contacted and will have a special section on our web site to exchange news and to develop their professional network.

The media industry has drastically changed in the last decade or so, and the Executive Committee deemed it essential that the FPA’s Constitution & By-Laws be reviewed to reflect, not only the current realities of the media industry, but also the “make-up” of the FPA’s current membership. (The last time the FPA’s Constitution & By-Laws were revised was about 25 years ago!) Revisions are being drafted, and will be proposed and then voted upon at an appropriately constituted meeting of the FPA membership.

Although it is prudent to continually adjust to the realities and technologies of today’s media industry, the experience of the past is also important in order that we learn from both our experience and history. Therefore, the Presidents Emeriti, Alan Capper and Gabriel Plesea, have been invited to attend Executive Committee meetings as observers and advisors.

We are headed in the right direction. The Executive Committee is aligned and focused on adding value for members in a rapidly evolving media environment. The organization will continue to change and develop as we align it around member needs and industry realities. We value your input and engagement in this process as we build a strong foundation for the next century of FPA operations.

Thank you for your continued support.


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PR Newswire and the Foreign Press Association Announce New Media Partnership

Provides FPA Members Greater Access to News Releases, Distribution, and Events

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s noisy media environment has made it even more challenging for communicators to reach the journalists influencing their industries and for journalists to receive the news that is relevant to their interests.

In an ongoing effort to better serve the evolving needs of the media, PR Newswire and the Foreign Press Association (“FPA”) are pleased to announce a new partnership which will benefit the relationship between those who create, those who write, and those who distribute news.

“This strategic partnership enhances the full media spectrum from content creators to content distributors, and creates a win-win scenario for all the media industry and their clients,” said David P. Michaels, President of the Foreign Press Association in the United States.

PR and communications members of FPA will benefit from a lower cost of release distribution and other audience engagement services. These special rates for press release distribution; the news feed; access to PR Newswire for Journalists; and other communications services will be an exclusive membership package for FPA members. The agreement also includes the co-hosting of several special events during the year.

“For almost a century, the FPA has been committed to serving the needs of foreign correspondents living in the United States, during which time the needs and challenges of the media have continued to evolve and change,” continued David P. Michaels. “This partnership underscores our commitment to not only provide our members with access to news and newsmakers, but to offering services that reflect the needs of media organizations and communications companies.  This partnership further adds to the value of FPA membership and its existing benefits.”

For those who wish to join the Foreign Press Association as a journalist or as an associate member, (i.e. PR, communications, or other media), and to receive these and other exclusive benefits, can apply at www.ForeignPressAssociation.org   (“Join the FPA”)

Members of the Foreign Press Association interested in accessing PR Newswire’s services should reach out to Jane Booth atjane.booth@prnewswire.com

PR Newswire
PR Newswire (www.prnewswire.com) is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators, sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officers to leverage content to engage with all their key audiences. Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry 60 years ago, PR Newswire today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, optimize and target content — from rich media to online video to multimedia — and then distribute content and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world’s largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire enables the world’s enterprises to engage opportunity everywhere it exists. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, and is a UBM plc company.

Foreign Press Association
The Foreign Press Association (www.ForeignPressAssociation.org), founded in 1918, is the pre-eminent journalist organization for foreign correspondents living in the United States.  The FPA offers members networking, access to newsmakers, events and member benefit programs. Since its founding, the FPA has honored individuals from the arts, sciences, politics and other fields. The Foreign Press Awards honorees have included: Albert Einstein, Tennessee Williams, Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Kissinger, and Walter Cronkite.  The FPA also awards annual scholarships to international journalism students studying in the U.S. The Scholarship Fund has been supported by many major brands including Bayer Corporation, Bloomberg LP, Citi Group, UPS, Daimler, Proctor & Gamble, Prudential Financial, and Dow Jones.

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FPA Newsletter June 2014 Available

FPA_News_June2014iconForeign Press Scholarship Fund Honors 5 Award Recipients
Letters From Scholarship Recipients
The Time has Come
Selection Committee
Sincere Thanks
Thanks John!
The Gatherings
FPA Benefits

Download Issue

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Investigative Reporters Exposing Public Health Dangers in Nigeria and Mexico Win Premier International Journalism Award


A Nigerian editor and a Mexican freelance journalist whose investigative reports exposed companies that seriously endangered public health have won the 2014 Knight International Journalism Award, the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) announced. The award recognizes outstanding news coverage that makes a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye, the editor of Nigeria’s Sunday Punch newspaper, revealed that a manufacturing plant’s fumes were making its neighbors seriously ill. Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab, a freelance reporter in Mexico, showed how companies flagrantly violated the law, in some cases causing massive deaths and injuries.

“These journalists went the extra mile to expose health dangers,” said ICFJ President Joyce Barnathan. “Their coverage forced governments to take strong action to protect the public well-being.”

The award is supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which funds ICFJ’s Knight International Journalism Fellowships program. The fellows seed new ideas and services that deepen coverage, expand news delivery and engage citizens in the editorial process.

“The winners exemplify the intent of the award, which recognizes innovative journalists who are focused on informing people and uncovering the truth as a way to build stronger communities,” said Michael Maness, Knight Foundation, vice president of journalism and media innovation.

Ogunseye is the youngest and first female editor in the 40-year history of Sunday Punch, a widely read Lagos newspaper. In a three-part series, she proved that residents in a well-to-do community in Lagos had high levels of toxins in their blood caused by pollutants from a nearby steel plant. The coverage prompted the government to shut down the plant, and to allow it to reopen only under strict new regulations.

In another report, she disclosed that a nuclear power plant was about to be built in a poor neighborhood. After her piece ran, citizens mobilized, sued the government and stopped construction.

Her investigation into the death of a student who fell into a pit latrine resulted in a government initiative to replace the dangerous facilities. And her coverage of newborn babies dying at a top hospital in Lagos forced the hospital to buy more incubators for high-risk infants.

In Mexico, von Bertrab is known for hard-hitting reports. One investigation revealed that fumes from gas leaking into Guadalajara sewers posed an imminent danger. Shortly after her story ran, the gases exploded, killing at least 200 people, destroying 26 city blocks, and leaving as many as 20,000 homeless.

Last year, von Bertrab became the first Mexican reporter to win the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism. She and a New York Times reporter revealed that Wal-Mart of Mexico was paying bribes to expand its dominance in the country. The story prompted the company to commit to anti-corruption measures in other developing nations.

A prestigious panel of judges selected the winners. Ogunseye and von Bertrab will be honored at ICFJ’s 30th Anniversary Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 10.

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President’s remarks at the FPA Annual Dinner & Scholarship Awards on 14th May, 2014

Thank you Roberto.

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the Officers and Executive Committee of the Foreign Press Association, I wish to thank you for joining us at our Annual Dinner and Scholarship Awards. A special welcome to Lester Holt our guest speaker, and hearty congratulations to the Scholarship Award winners.

The Annual Dinner is a very important event for the FPA, not only because it is when we award our FPA scholarships, but because it is an opportunity to bring together our members and supporters to connect and network with each other.

One of the things that contribute towards a really pleasurable evening is the fact that we try not to take up too much time with speeches. We want you, our guests and honorees, to have time to talk to each other; reconnect with old friends; and make new ones.

So, with that in mind, I’ll briefly share a few thoughts before introducing “someone” very special …. Whom, actually, will need very little introduction.

This is a time of unprecedented change and opportunity in the media industry.

Since January, when I assumed the role of President of the FPA, we have focused on growing the value we offer to our members, partners, and supporters. We have to continue to evolve the FPA and its brand, not only to meet changing member needs as we move closer to our second century of operation, but also to adjust to the realities of the media industry of today.

We have focused on extending the range of events for our membership, looking to work with both new and existing strategic partners on events of interest to our members. We have been enhancing our administrative and marketing systems, including the website and new–media capabilities.

New benefits have been added that make membership of the FPA even more valuable. We will also be adding a new corporate media membership category to complement our full and associate membership categories, and we are creating “strategic alliances” with other press associations around the world to support our members’ professional networking capabilities, and to act as a marketing initiative for future membership.

We are the stewards of a great and enduring organization, committed to ensure that in 2018 the FPA will enter its second century of operations more vibrant than ever, and a powerful resource for the next generation of journalists; our supporters, and strategic partners.

It’s an exciting time for the FPA and an exciting evening for all of us, especially our honorees.

As I said earlier, I have the task of introducing someone special – the FPA’s Executive Director, Suzanne Adams.

During the last two decades, Suzanne has done an outstanding job of encouraging leaders at America’s top companies to support the FPA Scholarship Awards, thereby recognizing the next generation of international journalists.

What I believe is most important is how people use their talent. In this respect, through these past dinners and awards, Suzanne has helped well over a hundred young journalists achieve their goals of completing their journalism studies in the United States.  

Many recipients of the FPA Scholarship Awards are now among the leaders in the media profession in their respective countries.

Suzanne is extraordinary in many ways, most of all in how she insists that the award winners come first, and how tonight is their night.

While that may be true, I wish to state that tonight is very much the result of Suzanne’s dedication to supporting young journalists. I’d like to thank her for all she has done for the Foreign Press Association Scholarship Awards, and in making this evening another great success.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a person who, if she didn’t exist, we would have to invent:   Suzanne Adams.  

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Message from the President: “Springing into Action”

TO: The Ladies & Gentlemen of the FPA
FROM: David P. Michaels
DATE: April, 2014

Although spring may be late this year, I am pleased to report that your team at the FPA is on schedule with its initiatives and efforts on your behalf:



Don’t forget to take a look at the Events Calendar as it is updated on a regular basis. Just click on the Events Calendar link located at the top right on most pages of our web site: www.nyforeignpress.org

We are always looking to add additional events, so if you have an idea, please reach out to the events committee at events@foreignpressassociation.org and fill out an Events Submission Form: Complete as much as you can. Additional details can be added, later.



New benefits are:

  • Dental Services Program for you and your family, from the NYU Dental Clinic. (Includes free dental exam and x-rays).
  • Health insurance at group rates. (Details will be placed on “Benefits” page of web site in the next few days).

Don’t forget the savings on multi-brand electronics, cameras, and DELL computers with the FPA-Dell™ Employee Purchase Program.



We continue to work on building relationships with other press associations around the world. During my recent visit to Turkey, I met with the President of the ‘Journalists Association of Turkey,’ who expressed an enthusiastic interest in presenting the proposal to his Board members. I believe that this networking initiative will result in many benefits for the FPA and its members.

We need to grow our membership. Our members are our best “Ambassadors” to attract new members!

When you meet someone who would qualify as a member, please don’t forget to mention our events, networking opportunities, and money-saving benefits.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you have not invested the few minutes to complete our simple online membership information form, please do so NOW! (CLICK HERE). The more we know about your professional interests, the better we can serve you and make sure that you are invited to the appropriate events.



Start connecting and “follow” the Foreign Press and its Members!

Our Social Media Platform links are here:



Note the date! The Scholarship Fund Awards will be presented on May 14, 2014 at the FPA’s Annual Dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel. NBC News anchor, Lester Holt, will be the keynote speaker.

Make your reservation ASAP! If you can’t attend, we will miss you, but will welcome your donation and support in bringing the Awards to the attention of your employer, friends and contacts. These scholarships are given to honor the next generation of young journalists.

Pay it forward! Be a part of the future! I thank you in anticipation of your contribution in making this important event a success.



It has been almost twenty-five years since the FPA’s Constitution & By-Laws were revised. During May, I hope to receive the recommendations for revisions to our current By-Laws to reflect the realities of today’s media industry, and the development of the FPA to meet the needs of those employed in both the traditional and new media.



I am pleased to share with you that past President, Alan Capper, continues with his recovery. When I spoke to him after my return from overseas, he sounded stronger. He told me that the therapy is difficult and painful, but he is making progress.



Many of you have heard that Suzanne Adams will be retiring at the end of June.  We will publish a special edition of our Newsletter regarding Suzanne‘s time with the FPA. We invite all members to contribute to this edition of the Newsletter, so start thinking about your special memories about Suzanne.

In the meantime, the search is on for a new Executive Director.

This is initially a part-time position, and the ideal candidate will be from a journalism background, with office administration and managerial experience in event funding, planning and execution. Computer literacy and a working knowledge of the “new-media” technologies will be essential. Multi-lingual capabilities would be a bonus! He or she must be a diplomat in the real sense of the word, and have the patience to work with the differing cultures and personalities that makes up the membership of the FPA.

If you know any person who might be interested, please ask him or her to send their resume to the address below.



Don’t forget to contact me with your suggestions on any FPA matter from the website to ideas on events, memberships, and/or anything else that comes to mind!

My eMail address is: DPM@ForeignPressAssociation.org

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Dental Services from the NYU Dental Clinic

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Information, misinformation, and disinformation in the digital age

By Uchenna Ekwo Valery Yegorov, a Ukrainian-American could not hide his disapproval of the media coverage of the unfolding crisis in Ukraine by major media networks in the United States at the 3rd annual media and democratic conference hosted by Center for Media & Peace Initiatives and Rutgers University last week. Yegorov, a U.S. Department MORE . . .

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FPA News March 2014 Available

The Future of Journalism
FPA Forum
In Memoriam
Lester Holt, Keynote Speaker PFA Awards Dinner 2014
Committee to Protect Journalists African Advocacy Coordinator

Download Issue

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