“Read the Year End” Message from the President

TO: Members of the FPA
FROM: David P. Michaels
SUBJECT: Year End “Message from the President.”

Ladies & Gentlemen:


First, I wish to thank a great team for all their initiatives and efforts that resulted in achieving a particular statistic that says it all:

For the second year running, during the fiscal year ending 31st October, the FPA received more applications for membership than we have in any previous year for which we have records.

Importantly, as a considerable number of older members have retired from the media industry, (and the FPA), during the last 2-3 years, we are attracting a new generation of younger members. The FPA continues to grow and adapt to the realities of a rapidly changing media industry.

Relationships with other media organizations continue to expand.

The FPA developed a strategic relationship with the Foreign Policy Association, (the “other” FPA, also founded in 1918), with the co-sponsoring of two events: “Meet the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary,” and, “The Graying of China: The Global Impact on Society and Healthcare.”

As journalists, we are the beginning of the news distribution chain. It is important that we also establish strategic relationships with “news makers” such as the Foreign Policy Association, PR/communication firms, and other media-related entities, as the Foreign Press Association is on the other side of the same coin. These type of relationships will enhance our recognition; create more opportunities for exclusive events, and expand our operations.

The FPA was invited to speak to a group of journalists and public relations professionals from Shanghai.

FPA representatives also met with a group of journalism students from Portugal.

(If you are interested in participating in these type of exchanges, please let us know).


I look forward to working with members of the Executive and other committee/team members during 2017 as we plan for our 100th Anniversary in 2018 along with the re-launch of The Foreign Press Awards.

2018 will also mark another milestone: The 25th Anniversary of the FPA Scholarship Fund!

In order to prepare for the challenges ahead, some important decisions have been made.  These decisions have not been made without careful consideration of the financial, structural, logistical, and human resources that will be essential to not only prepare for the aforementioned Anniversaries, but of equal, if not greater importance, the adequate resources to assure the FPA’s continuance and growth in its next 100 years.

With this in mind, a new senior role has been created to administer the current and future requirements of the FPA’s role in the media industry, along with its new initiatives.

The person who has been appointed to assume a Executive Director pro tempore role over the FPA and FPA Scholarship Fund during this next stage of the development of the FPA is Xenia Hunusiak. Xenia is a former member of the FPA Executive Committee, and well known to much of our membership.

We are pleased that Camilla Hellman is committed to helping transition the situation. There is never a perfect time for such actions and she will be on hand to assist during the application phase of the 2017 Scholarships. Camilla has accepted her nomination to the FPA Executive Committee, and has offered her active support in continuing to champion the scholarship fund and its mission. Thank you Camilla for all your efforts.


Please consider the FPA Scholarship Fund in your year-end giving, and support future generations of journalists.

We have made it easy for you to make a Tax Deductible contribution. Just go online to our web site at http://www.foreignpressassociation.org/donations-to-the-fpa-scholarship-fund and hit the “DONATE” button!

Consider purchasing the first ever, FPA Scholarship Fund Calendar, International Cities / International People with photographs submitted by journalists from around the world. VIEW more information on FPA web site.


Members are reminded that Annual Dues are payable on or before the 1st January each year.

The management team of the FPA is continually seeking ways to control costs; seek non-traditional revenue, and provide additional benefits for its membership.

You can pay online or mail a check, but don’t forget, late payers cause additional work and expense.


This year’s Holiday Season Reception on 11th January, 2017, will be a “Celebration of the New Year.”

Taking into account the pressure on everyone’s time with competing events during December, we believe that this will ensure a more relaxed and enjoyable evening. (Details have been communicated to members. REMEMBER, if you have not paid your Annual Dues, you are not entitled to attend!)


Unopposed nominations were received for the election of FPA Officers and Executive Committee Members.

As it can be assumed that all Nominees would receive at least one vote, it was deemed redundant  and not cost-effective to mail out ballot forms to only confirm what was evident.

According to the FPA Constitution & ByLaws,  any vacant positions on the Executive Committee can be filled by Presidential nomination and the confirmation of the Executive Committee. I intend to submit nominations for those vacancies early in 2017.

The persons who have accepted their nomination; were seconded with documentation submitted according to the FPA Constitution & ByLaws, will be published on the FPA web site prior to the FPA Holiday Season Reception.


The FPA Scholarship Alumni is being administered by Roberto Capocelli, a 2016 Scholarship Awardee.

Research for the proposed publication, “The Foreign Press Association: Our First 100 Years,” is being undertaken by the granddaughter of one of our Founders, Ms. Ali Kagamaster-Bullock.

Did you note some of the changes to our web site? Changes included a section: “Members in the News” to highlight their current activities. (Do let us know what you are doing in the wide world of media).

Please check the Events Calendar regularly because new events are added regularly.

Social Media presence is expanding. Please “Like” the FPA on Facebook, and “Follow” the FPA on Twitter.

Do open up emails sent by FPA since they usually contain useful and beneficial information. Remember to check your spam/trash files to make sure the emails are not automatically going into them.

It is important for members to keep the FPA updated on changes in their work status and contact information. Early in 2017, we will provide members with a link to a revised Member Information Form.

Good health and happiness during 2017.



Support the FPA Scholarship Fund by purchasing our 2017 Calendar – Proceeds help the FPA Scholarship Fund support for the international reporters of tomorrow.
FPA Scholarship Fund 2017 Calendar

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PR Newswire is acquired by global media intelligence leader Cision.

It has been announced that PR Newswire has been acquired by global media intelligence leader Cision. Cision provides not only software and services for PR professionals to research and engage the media, but also tools and resources to the journalism community.

Cision owns Help a Reporter Out (HARO), another leading community similar to ProfNet, that connects journalists and new media creators to sources for their articles

Cision CEO Peter Granat will oversee the combined organization

Cision CEO Peter Granat will oversee the combined organization and content.

 HARO has over 475,000 active sources and experts to help journalists complete their stories.

What this means for you: there will be no changes to the PR Newswire for Journalists or ProfNet services.

We’ll be integrating our services with HARO in the future to widen our network and provide more qualified, global sources for you.

Read more about the announcement here

We look forward to the opportunities that will emerge as a result of the deal and will keep you updated on any developments.

Thanks for being a part of the PR Newswire for Journalists and ProfNet communities!

This information is being sent to you by:
PR Newswire
350 Hudson Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10014

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Foreign Press Association Scholarship Fund Announces 2016 Award Winners


NEW YORK, May 16, 2016
The Foreign Press Association Scholarship Fund, established in 1993 on the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Foreign Press Association, today announced the 2016 recipients of its annual Scholarship Awards.

The FPA Scholarship Awards will take place at an a awards reception on Thursday May 19th in New York.

The five winners are international students currently enrolled at graduate schools of journalism in the United States.

The students were asked to submit an OP-ED on the following,
“The 2016 Presidential election cycle has been largely defined by non-traditional candidates from outside the Washington mainstream.

How important a role has the media played in the rise of these candidates in the U.S., and how much has the international coverage of these political figures shaped perceptions of the U.S. election process in your home country?”

“The quality of the submissions we received continues to demonstrate the exceptional caliber of international students at leading US graduate schools of journalism,” said David P. Michaels, President of the Foreign Press Association.”

The submissions from the Awardees reflect both concern about the way the media has covered the election and an affirmation that the U.S. electoral process, and coverage of it, offered important lessons for their home countries.”

Foreign Press Association Scholarship Fund Awards:
OP-ED: Written

First Prize:         Aleksandr Gorbachev, Russia,
Missouri Graduate School of Journalism

Second Prize:     Roberto Capocelli, Italy,
City University of New York

Third Prize (joint):
Dien Luong, Vietnam,
Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

Jennifer Ehidimen, Nigeria,
Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

OP-ED: Multimedia
Bayer Foreign Press Association Scholarship Fund Award in Multimedia:
Shachar Peled, Israel, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

The Scholarship Fund Awards are made possible through the generous financial support of major corporations that include UPS, Bloomberg, Daimler and Bayer.

For more information regarding the FPA Scholarship Fund
or attending the Awards on Thursday May 19th,
please contact Camilla Hellman
e. fpascholarship@gmail.com   t. 212-729 0127

About the FPA
Established in 1918, the Foreign Press Association is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization representing international journalists in the U.S.  The association provides orientation and networking opportunities including news making and educational events that join journalists with political and business leaders, here and abroad.


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Alan Capper – In Memoriam FPA President 2006-13

Alan Capper in Wall Street one week after “September 11th” attacks

It is with deep personal sorrow that we report the passing of Alan Capper, President of the Foreign Press Association from 2006-2013.

Alan knew how to shape news and information.  After an early career as a journalist in London with The Sunday Times and The Daily Express, Alan combined a career in media, with film, television and arts related projects.  In 1985, he sold his media-consulting firm to the Saatchi & Saatchi Group.  In 1992, after a period as Chairman of European Operations, he became Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi’s global PR firm, headquartered in New York.  Alan advised major brands including DuPont, Procter & Gamble, Canon, Gillette, IBM, Yamaha, Mars Group, Johnson & Johnson, News International, and 3M.

In the political and economic area, he represented the Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries including Romania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, appearing regularly on radio and television on behalf of these clients.  He was also the personal media advisor to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber for several years.

Alan was quoted in PR Week magazine as “One of the best brains in the business … the man best able to turn PR into bright lights for senior management.”

He worked extensively with television networks, having handled media relations for the launch of Channel 4 and TV-AM in the United Kingdom, and for CNN in Europe, working with Ted Turner and his European management team.  He managed international media for the first United Nations World Television Forum, and set up the first Sponsored Broadcasting Division for Saatchi & Saatchi, working with clients including Gillette, Yamaha, British Airways, and Johnnie Walker whiskey.

From January 2001 he was the New York correspondent for LBC 97.3 FM, London’s leading news radio station, and ITN Independent Television News.  He broke the news of the September 11th attacks on LBC and ITN just two minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade Center.  Alan continued to broadcast to the British audience on New York and U.S. political, business, and lifestyle issues.  In addition, he was broadcasting on WOR-Talk Radio, New York, UN Television, and was a regular New York contributor to Press TV, the English language station in Tehran, Iran.

Alan was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Dean’s Council of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government for five years.  In 2002, he became an adjunct professor teaching Culture & Communications at New York University.

The entire FPA team sends its deepest condolences to Alan’s family at this very difficult time.

Our loss of Alan is Heaven’s gain.

David P. Michaels

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Are you passionate about raising awareness about human trafficking?

GIFT Box is currently recruiting volunteers to help staff a GIFT Box exhibit in New York City.

The GIFT Box was launched during the London Olympics in 2012 in partnership with Stop the Traffik. GIFT boxes are “walk-in pieces of public art that people encounter at street level that entice people inside by luring them with enticing promises.” Once inside viewers are shocked to learn about the dangers of human trafficking.

To help execute this project, several partners are leading an effort to train a large group of volunteers to staff the GIFT box at two locations from mid-October to mid-November. Please note it is mandatory to participate in a training to become a volunteer. The trainings will take place in the first 2 weeks of October and will be held at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s headquarters in the Financial District.

This is an exciting opportunity to work hands-on to increase awareness among a large group of commuters, tourists, and at-risk youth about the dangers of human trafficking and give them ways to take action. If you are interested in volunteering, please register here.


Thank you, and please let GIFT Box know if you have any questions.

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ELECTION of FPA Scholarship Fund Board of Governors


TO: FPA Members
DATE: 10th August, 2015
SUBJECT: FPA Scholarship Fund Board of Governors

Pursuant to the Constitution & By-Laws of the Foreign Press Association Scholarship Fund, the business of this organization shall be managed by a Board of Governors consisting of seven persons, including the President of the Board of Governors.

The current President of the Foreign Press Association shall automatically serve on the Board, and the remaining six members of the Board of Governors are nominated and elected by “Active” members of the FPA.

Nominations for the Board of Governors were received and subsequently accepted by six persons, the maximum number of persons electable to the Board.

As it can be logically assumed that all six Nominees would receive at least one vote, the following persons will constitute the Board of Governors of the Foreign Press Association Scholarship Fund:

PRESIDENT: David Michaels


  • Cindy Fields
  • Nancy Kamel
  • Michael-Ann Rowe
  • Laura Thompson
  • Elaine Walsh
  • Stephen Yesenosky

On a related matter, the 2015 Scholarship Awards videos can be viewed on the FPA web site:

View the Trailer: CLICK HERE
View the 2015 Awards Video: CLICK HERE

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Foreign Press Association Supports Next Generation of International Journalists

FPA Scholarship Fund Awards Will Be Presented on May 21st at University Club



Founded in 1918, with members from more than 50 countries, the FPA offers orientation and networking opportunities; news making and educational events that bring members together with political, business, and other leaders; and a range of services that support international reporters in the U.S.

The FPA Scholarship Fund has been contributing to the development of the next generation of international reporters for two decades.Thanks to the generosity of members and the leadership of corporate supporters including Daimler, UPS and PR Newswire, FPA Scholarships are awarded each year to international graduate journalism students studying in the U.S.  To-date the scholarship fund has helped more than 75 journalism students complete their studies, launch and build on their journalism careers.

The event will be attended by past and present scholarship winners, leaders from graduate schools of journalism, FPA members, corporate supporters, and representatives from the communications, business and government communities.  Individual tickets are available from $195, including a tax-deductible contribution.  Members of the media interested in attending are invited to contact the FPA.

Event details:


Foreign Press Association Scholarship Fund


Scholarship Awards Reception and Presentation


University Club, One West 54th Street, New York City


May 21, 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. (Reception), 7:30 p.m. (Awards)


Camilla Hellman, Executive Director of the FPA Scholarship Awards

Phone:  212 370-1054 or FPA@ForeignPressAssociation.org




333 East 46th Street, Suite 1K, New York, NY 10017

(212) 370-1054

Fax: (212) 370-1058

email: fpanewyork@aol.com 

website: http://www.nyforeignpress.org



Simon Erskine Locke

Cattell, Locke, Pendleton & Partners

Tel: 917-359-6969



SOURCE Foreign Press Association


NEW YORK, May 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Foreign Press Association, the pre-eminent non-governmental organization representing international journalists in the U.S., will host its annual scholarship awards reception on May 21st at the University Club inNew York City.
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After completing my first two months as Executive Director of the Foreign Press Association, I would like to further introduce myself to the membership and offer some thoughts on my initial weeks at the FPA.
During these past weeks, I have been reviewing the FPA’s fascinating ninety-six year history; learning about the diversity of its membership; and looking at the various components of its operations.
I have been impressed by the dedication of the FPA leadership to the goal of striving to improve the value of membership for everyone. Currently, there are six major initiatives in various stages of implementation that highlight much of their work:

  • Developing strategic alliances with press associations around the world as both a marketing source of future members, and a media networking benefit for journalists.
  • Creating a FPA Scholarship Award winners alumni group, run by the alumni for the alumni, that will also act as a marketing source of future members, and a media networking benefit for journalists.
  • Strengthening and building relationships with foreign consulates, UN missions, local and national government, chambers, and industry associations.
  • Increasing the FPA’s visibility on social media, and maximizing the functionality of our web site.
  • Reinstating the Foreign Press Awards, to not only improve the FPA’s brand recognition, but as a non-traditional revenue source.
  • Researching and investigating archives and other sources for historic information and documents to compile the publication of “100 Years of the Foreign Press Association,” for its 100th Anniversary.

In addition to all the exciting and important projects described above, the first initiative that I have undertaken, with the approval of the President and the Executive Committee, is the development of a strategic plan for the FPA. When the plan is completed it will provide a template for the FPA leadership to develop a clear and cohesive vision as to where the FPA should be headed as it approaches its Centennial Anniversary in 2018 and enters its second century as the preeminent press association.  However, in order for this strategic plan to be developed, your input was necessary.  Members received an email from the Strategic Plan Team at Hunter College, which contained a link to a questionnaire asking for your views on various aspects of the FPA. Your participation in this survey was critical for members of the FPA leadership to chart the future course of the FPA.
I also look forward to working closely with Camilla Hellman, the new Executive Director of the FPA Scholarship Fund. You can find out more about Camilla by clicking on the “About” tab on the FPA website.
Before closing, I want to provide you with some of my biographical information.
During my more than thirty-years in state government, I worked for two New York State Assemblymembers as Chief of Staff and District Office Manager, and served as the Special Assistant to the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for the New York City region. I have an established track record of creative problem solving, strategic advocacy and broad based policy analysis.
Over the course of my career, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of and working experience with the operational and budgetary processes of government at the city, state and federal level. I have extensive citywide intergovernmental and community relations experience with legislators and their staff, governmental agencies, the private and non-profit sectors, and community-based and civic organizations.
I serve on the Board of Directors of the Fund for the Advancement of Social Services, and Chair its Carroll Kowal Journalism Award Committee; Treasurer on the Board of Directors of New Media Repertory Company: and on the Advisory Board of the Humanity-Without-Borders Foundation.
I received my graduate degree from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service and did post graduate work in Social Policy, Planning and Analysis at Columbia University’s School of Social Work.
I look forward to meeting and speaking with you over coming months.
Anthony J. Morenzi 
Executive Director, Foreign Press Association



A Korean Delicacy: Holiday Reception in Review

A Korean Delicacy:  Holiday Reception in Review

More than 130 FPA members; diplomats; corporate executives; members of local and Federal government; along with special guests, braved the weather for this year’s holiday season gathering hosted at the Korean Mission to the U.N.  Attendees enjoyed a wonderful selection of Korean and international foods, excellent wines and the company of friends.

In brief remarks, FPA President, David Michaels, thanked Ambassador Oh Joon, for hosting the reception and for his support of events during the year for the media community.  He discussed progress on events, new initiatives; social media and the FPA website, noting that much of the fruits of the labors of the FPAs various teams will be realized in 2015.  Ambassador Oh, half-jokingly highlighted the importance for the Korean Mission of good relations with the media as the reason for hosting the party, and led a seasonal toast.

“By asking the Mission to host the event, securing the support of BarterHouse Wines and Godiva Chocolates, we were able to organize a really memorable evening for a very modest cost, and gained new members as a bonus,” said events committee member Simon Locke.  “The strong attendance of FPA members and the senior level of guests, was critical to the evening’s success and our ability to organize future FPA events at diplomatic and corporate venues.”

The AGM is expected to take place before the year end.  While we will be sending our 2015 membership dues reminders in the next few days, members can sign up now through the FPA website:  www.ForeignPressAssociation.org  (Please scroll down the HOME page and pay through the “SUBSCRIBE” link)

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Save the Date FPA Holiday Season Reception Tuesday, 9th December, 2014

Save the Date
FPA Holiday Season Reception

Tuesday, 9th December, 2014
6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

We are delighted that this year’s annual FPA Holiday Season Reception is being organized in collaboration with The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations.

Please mark your calendars for what promises to be a very special event. Seasonal refreshments including Korean hors d’oeuvres and delicacies will be served. Members of the diplomatic, government, and international business communities will join us as special guests, so this will be an opportunity to celebrate and network.

A formal invitation will be sent to members.

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