Alan Capper – In Memoriam FPA President 2006-13

Alan Capper in Wall Street one week after “September 11th” attacks

It is with deep personal sorrow that we report the passing of Alan Capper, President of the Foreign Press Association from 2006-2013.

Alan knew how to shape news and information.  After an early career as a journalist in London with The Sunday Times and The Daily Express, Alan combined a career in media, with film, television and arts related projects.  In 1985, he sold his media-consulting firm to the Saatchi & Saatchi Group.  In 1992, after a period as Chairman of European Operations, he became Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi’s global PR firm, headquartered in New York.  Alan advised major brands including DuPont, Procter & Gamble, Canon, Gillette, IBM, Yamaha, Mars Group, Johnson & Johnson, News International, and 3M.

In the political and economic area, he represented the Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries including Romania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, appearing regularly on radio and television on behalf of these clients.  He was also the personal media advisor to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber for several years.

Alan was quoted in PR Week magazine as “One of the best brains in the business … the man best able to turn PR into bright lights for senior management.”

He worked extensively with television networks, having handled media relations for the launch of Channel 4 and TV-AM in the United Kingdom, and for CNN in Europe, working with Ted Turner and his European management team.  He managed international media for the first United Nations World Television Forum, and set up the first Sponsored Broadcasting Division for Saatchi & Saatchi, working with clients including Gillette, Yamaha, British Airways, and Johnnie Walker whiskey.

From January 2001 he was the New York correspondent for LBC 97.3 FM, London’s leading news radio station, and ITN Independent Television News.  He broke the news of the September 11th attacks on LBC and ITN just two minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade Center.  Alan continued to broadcast to the British audience on New York and U.S. political, business, and lifestyle issues.  In addition, he was broadcasting on WOR-Talk Radio, New York, UN Television, and was a regular New York contributor to Press TV, the English language station in Tehran, Iran.

Alan was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Dean’s Council of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government for five years.  In 2002, he became an adjunct professor teaching Culture & Communications at New York University.

The entire FPA team sends its deepest condolences to Alan’s family at this very difficult time.

Our loss of Alan is Heaven’s gain.

David P. Michaels

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