It All Began with . . . The Toss of a Coin (1918-1967)

Hans Steinitz wrote this history for the 50th Anniversary celebrations and covers the years from the FPA’s founding in 1918 to the anniversary in 1967. Steinitz has been a correspondent in the US since 1947 for Der Bund of Berne, Switzerland, and also for newspapers in Germany. He was president of the FPA in 1960-61. His major contribution was securing the use of an office in the Foreign Press Center when it was opened in 1961. He also helped to start up and organize the ten international FPA balls which were inaugurated in 1954. He is now retired and lives in New York. (more…)

It Continues . . . (1967-1993)

This section covers the 25 years since Hans Steinitz’s excellent account, namely 1967 to 1993. An astute mathematician will notice the discrepancy in dates for the 50th and 75th Anniversaries. Its origin lies in the origin of the FPA itself. A group of foreign correspondents held a meeting in November 1917 and agreed to form an organized body, but it was not until February 16, 1918 that they met again and elected a President, Frank Dilnot, and formed a committee. In past years the FPA has elected to use the earlier date; we have preferred to use the date when the first officers of the FPA were elected. (more…)

On the 75th Anniversary

It is a great honor for me to lead the Foreign Press Association in this 76th year of its existence. It is also a great pleasure for me – as a foreign correspondent from a tiny and newly independent Slovenia – to be part of a large family of foreign journalists who are working in New York and the tri-state area.

Seventy-five years of the FPA – the oldest association of its kind in the United States – is a history in itself. But it is also a part of a broader history, of great events which members of the FPA have witnessed and documented. (more…)

FPA Scholarship Fund Created

As part of its 75th Anniversary celebration, the executive committee of the FPA decided to raise funds and grant a scholarship to a deserving student of journalism. A committee was formed to seek out an appropriate student from the Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University. The following criteria were decided on: the student had to be in dire need of funds; had to be from a foreign country; and had to have a record of excellence. (more…)

Our 90th Anniversary

By Alan Capper
In 1917 a group of eleven foreign correspondents worked with President Woodrow Wilson’s press office to coordinate news from the United States to the Allied countries. In 1918, these journalists grouped together with the provisional title of “The Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in the United States”. (more…)

The Foreign Press Awards

Since its founding, the FPA has honored individuals from both the arts, sciences, politics and other fields. Honorees have included: Albert Einstein, Tennessee Williams, Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Kissinger, and Walter Cronkite. (more…)

Greetings from the Past

THE WHITE HOUSE * January 7, 1943
I am delighted to congratulate the Foreign Press Association on its twenty-fifth anniversary. I well remember when the Association was founded in 1917 with the warm personal support of Woodrow Wilson. The full splendor of Wilson’s vision of a future free from war was just then breaking on the world. (more…)

The Forgotten Hostage

It started for the FPA the way so many of the hostage takings in the Middle East started – with a small news item on the wires and in the newspapers. This time it was different. This time it was one of us. (more…)