2016 Scholarship Winner – Shachar Peled

Shachar_PeledBayer Foreign Press Association OPED Scholarship in Visual Multi Media $10,000

Shachar Peled is a multimedia journalist from Israel, covering culture, technology and politics. She is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism M.A. program for professional journalists. Her latest story focuses on the ways homeless Americans use technology and social media.

Shachar worked as a news anchor and the Culture and Society Correspondent for i24news, an Israeli-based international news channel broadcast in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the U.S. She examined how women break traditional barriers in their societies, uncovered social injustices and reported live on camera from major events in the region, such as Pope Francis’ historic visit to the Middle East and the 2014 war in Gaza.

Previously, she was the associate producer for the Israeli “Meet the Press” and a researcher on 10-20 minute magazine stories for Channel 2 news prime-time show, the highest-rated news provider in Israel.

Shachar holds a B.A. in Business and Film from Tel Aviv University. As a freelance reporter in New York, she has published in Metropolis Magazine, Time Out Magazine and i24news website.

Winning Multimedia Presentation

In the short video clip “The Race for the Headline,” I examine the inevitable correlation between media presence and political rise. The main focus is on Mr. Donald Trump, a prominent outsider of the Washington mainstream, who through familiarity in the entertainment world dominated media trends and became the most likely front-runner for the Republican nomination.

In addition, I explore the Israeli reactions to the American election process, and explain the reasons for which they have been modest thus far. As one of the top recipient countries of U.S. Foreign Aid, Israel will be following closely how the elections will unfold in the upcoming months, but has not been a major topic of discussion in the campaigns as of yet. News stories seeking for the Israeli angle are centered on billionaire Sheldon Adelson, known as a major contributor to Republican Party candidates and a close friend of Israeli Premiere Benjamin Netanyahu. Meanwhile, the Israeli attention via the media is directed at Trump, as the moderate interest in the general elections is expected to grow.